The Tea is for Tara

Hello. I am 19 years old, from Australia and a nerd but not a very good one I also Like french things, have a strange love for animal puns and dancing in public.Oh and tea i love tea! so yeah.

So in just a few days i will leave my home In Australia with my family and fly half way across the world and set up a new home for at least a year in the netherlands. So im going to be trying to share my traveling stories, thoughts, poems, photos and rambles on my other blog

So if you want to follow it i would appreciate it. 

Much love! 

Promise to myself


I promise i will whine less

I promise to try to not complain about the cold

I promise i will soak in everything

I promise i will leave doubt behind

I promise i will live with my free heart

I promise i will let myself feel

I promise i will cry

I promise i will laugh

I promise i will write

But i promise i won’t forget

I promise i will learn 

I promise i will love

I promise i will let people in

Most of all I promise i will take every chance i get to live. 

My promise to myself as i am about to embark on my big adventure. 

“And like the sea, I’m constantly changing from calm to hell.”

—   Dallas Green  (via suchvodka)

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Art by Dugald Stewart Walker, 1921.


Art by Dugald Stewart Walker, 1921.

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